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bot9 swiftly learns from your help docs and crafts a chatbot for you in under 10 seconds, ensuring rapid deployment and immediate results.

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with bot9, experience the power of efficient support operations, handling a multitude of queries without the need for an extensive customer support team.

24/7 availability is available round the clock, ensuring your users receive assistance whenever they need it, even in the dead of night.

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bot9 seamlessly integrates with popular platforms including instagram, whatsapp, facebook messenger, slack, intercom, crisp, and more.

power-packed features for unmatched support

customization at your fingertips

shape your chatbot's appearance with your own customizable design.

smart human routing

intelligently direct users to the right agents, ensuring efficient query resolution.

advanced analytics & insights

make informed decisions with powerful analytics & refine support strategies.

effortless importers & workflows

streamline operations with seamless data import and automated workflows.

multilingual mastery

break language barriers effortlessly—deliver support in multiple languages.

collaborative shared inbox

unify team communication, delivering consistent support via a shared platform.

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